Insight & development in growth!

By growth we mean organic growth. That is growth from within the organization through the continuous development of everyone!

What has your personal growth been in the last months?

When we ask managers what the organic growth was in the past three months, usually no one answers. That's weird. The Personal Growth Monitor (PG-Monitor) measures the extent to which your personal development is growing. The PG-Monitor indicates how operational employees and management challenge, develop and continuously improve themselves.

What we do see in many organizations:

  • No clear definition of what the personal growth of individual employees is
  • No insight into the personal development over time
  • No link between performance and culture
  • Lack of individual and team performance / culture development
  • No unambiguous platform that enables the development of a shared view on personal development between manager and employee
  • No clear concrete personal improvement actions with measurable improvement
  • No clear input on competences, skills and behaviour that can be used for setting up a training academy.

The PG-Monitor gives you structural insight in personal development and provides tools on all the above points!

The PG-Monitor can be used for various objectives, often to measure the organic growth of:

  • All employees (operation, management and directors) on their insight and development towards the intended blueprint, the defined core values and the desired sustainable employability / vitality
  • Development of management competencies.